colorado springs anniversary trip

Over Memorial Day weekend we celebrated six years of marriage, and thanks to the long weekend, we chose to head a few hours South to finally check out Colorado Springs as a way to celebrate. It ended up being the perfect weekend getaway. We quickly realized that this city has so much more to offer than a weekend’s worth of activities, so we plan to return to check out the things we weren’t able to this go around. Here’s a breakdown of what we did do during our time there.

Where We Stayed

Adam found the most perfect Airbnb for the weekend at a fairly reasonable price. The location was perfect – a cozy, quiet neighborhood, but still only a few minutes away from the downtown area. Pretty much all the activities we did were within a 15 minute drive of where we stayed. Plus you could see Pikes Peak from sitting on the couch, so that’s a total win in my book. The house itself was the perfect size for just the two of us, and they were very accommodating for us bringing our two pups as well. The decor was minimal and fresh and made me feel so cozy and relaxed while there. I just loved it, and if we have the chance, I would definitely stay there again on our return trip.

Where We Ate

Bingo Burger – Our first stop after getting into town was this fun little burger joint with locally sourced and farm fresh ingredients. I tried the Shooks Run, and while the burger was good, the bleu cheese seemed to overpower it a bit more than I would have liked. Their chipotle ranch dipping sauce with their fries was tasty though.

Denver Biscuit Co. – We had been to the Denver location of this a couple years ago and enjoyed it, so when we found out there was a location in the Springs we wanted to give it another try. I got their Biscuits and Gravy and Adam got The Franklin and we were both very satisfied. Our waiter also convinced us to snag one of their highly sought after Giant Biscuit Cinnamon Rolls, and they are not kidding when they say giant. We had just a few bites before taking it to go and having it for breakfast another day, but it was scrumptious.

Dos Santos – When snagging breakfast at Denver Biscuit Co., we really liked the vibe of the collection of other restaurants that shared the same corner, so we made it a point to come back. One of those stops was Dos Santos (also recommended by our Airbnb hosts – actually pretty much all of the local places we ate were). They seem to pride themselves in their drinks as well as (surprisingly) their brunch, but we went for an afternoon pick me up after a hike, so I went with two street tacos – the Arrachera and the Porky Lechon – and they both hit the spot.

Frozen Gold – After Dos Santos we went next door for some ice cream. Frozen Gold serves unique soft serve creations that had me take about five solid minutes to decide which one I wanted. There were some that had cereal toppings, goldfish crackers, and one with Kool-aid candied popcorn (?!). I ended up going with the Samoa Samoa, and for a vegan option, it was still extremely delicious. Adam went with their Peanut Butter Puffy. Honestly, it looks like we couldn’t have gone wrong with any of the options…except for maybe the one with the goldfish. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back here when we visit again.

The Exchange – We went for a casual, light lunch at this local coffee shop and bar, and enjoyed our time there on the patio. Their caprese panini was on point, and we both enjoyed their smoothies as well. We didn’t try their coffee but they locally roast their fair trade and organic coffee.

The Melting Pot – this wasn’t a local try, but we saw it one day when we were downtown and decided to make it our official anniversary dinner destination since we had never been before. We tried their classic four course experience. While the experience was cool, I wasn’t overly impressed with the taste of the food, especially for the price we paid. I can’t complain about the chocolate fondue though, and their Yin Yang Martini was pretty tasty too.

What We Did

Seven Falls – This was one of the top things I saw recommended to do in the area so we were sure to cross it off our list. When we first arrived, they directed us to a parking area that was a bit out of the way to drive to, and then we had to take a (free) shuttle back, but I also read that you could park at the Broadmoor and also take a shuttle – we just didn’t realize that the two parking spots would be different. It created about a 30 minute delay for us, but in the end, our timing was still perfect. We probably officially arrived at around 9:30-10ish, and it wasn’t super busy yet. In fact it felt super casual and calm, which allowed a better experience taking in all the amazing views as we walked in through the canyon up to where the falls were. Once we arrived at the base we took on the 224 step staircase to climb up alongside the falls. After we reached the top we continued hiking to Inspiration Point, which overlooked the city of Colorado Springs, as well as some amazing mountain views. The trails were still fairly quiet, so we also did the other hike to Moonlight Falls. The weather was perfect and the hikes weren’t too strenuous. By the time we made our way back to the falls it was around noon and the crowds were definitely picking up. We climbed another set of stairs to get to the Eagle’s Nest for one final great view of the falls, and then we made our way out. I definitely would recommend going, and I would suggest going a little earlier so you can beat the crowds. There was a fee to enter, but they did offer a military discount.

Garden of the Gods – One of the other most highly recommended places to visit in the area was Garden of the Gods. We were given the advice by some trail-goers the day before to go early and beat the crowds and get good parking, especially since it was Memorial Day weekend, so we got there around 6:15am to do so. It was awesome to watch the sunrise over these incredible rock formations and get to explore the walking paths without too many people around. We weaved in and out around the paths to cover most of the grounds, but we didn’t venture off onto any of the hiking trails. Perhaps when we come back that would be something we would do, because I imagine that some of the views would be spectacular between the rock formations and the Rocky Mountain range all within the landscape. This is a free park and definite must see.

Drove Through Manitou Springs – After our time at Garden of the Gods we strolled our way over to Manitou Springs and drove through this quaint little touristy town. I was hoping to take on the infamous Manitou Incline but we chose to save that for our return trip when we get a little more hiking and stair climbing under our belts this summer. We saw it from a distance and I will say it looked even more intense in person that in does in pictures. We didn’t stay in Manitou long due to opting for a nap after our early morning, but I know there are a lot of cute shops and restaurants in the area that could be worth checking out.

REI & Boone’s Birthday Celebration – These are definitely not local things to do, but we had some gift cards to REI, and we knew it was their big Memorial Day sale, so we chose to spend the evening having a little shopping spree. That night we also celebrated our Boone boy’s 5th birthday and followed our tradition of taking the pups to Petco for him to pick out a few new toys and getting special treats.

21 Keys Escape Rooms – It’s truly not a Pruim vacation without an escape room. We took on 21 Key’s “Jester’s New Playmate” room, and had a successful escape in the end. Now I won’t go too nerdy on you all and give my in depth debrief of thoughts on the room, but from our experience, I would give this room a 3 out of 5 stars. There were definitely some challenging puzzles that stumped us, but some of them seemed due to a poor connection of clues in the room. A challenging room is one thing, but it needs to make sense as well. Thankfully they offered an unlimited amount of hints so we used some to still be able to progress through the room and enjoy our time. The decor and set up itself felt a bit sub par too. The staff was nice though, and they had plenty of other rooms to try that could be better.

Apart from all of that, we enjoyed lounging around our Airbnb and taking the dogs for walks around the neighborhood. Like I said, there is so much more to do in the Pikes Peak region, so we definitely plan to come back to check out some more. On my list is the Manitou Incline, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, and Cave of the Winds Mountain Park. I’ve also heard amazing things about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. And while getting to the top of Pikes Peak would be a dream, driving to the top didn’t seem as desirable for the cost, and we are no where near ready to hike a 14er (although it has become one of my life goals), so we’ll see if we ever get any closer in the future.

If you are considering or planning a trip to Colorado Springs, this website was a great guide, offering an in depth look at all the different attractions of the area.

As a whole, our weekend was a perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure – just the way I like it. And it was a beautiful location to celebrate our anniversary. I may or may not have asked Adam if we could move there at least 20 times throughout the weekend. Maybe one day the Air Force stars will align…

I hope you enjoyed this little travel recap. If you’ve been to Colorado Springs, let me know what your favorite things to do or places to eat are! And if you’ve never been, which activity seems most up your alley? Let me know in the comments.

when the pruims came north

Although it’s not particularly my kind of holiday, I still feel that it’s necessary to wish you all a Happy Halloween today! & to give you something else to celebrate, our internet is up & running this week! I know, I know, it’s a much bigger deal than dressing up in creatively thought out costumes & consuming an unheard amount of candy. But with the wifi set up in our friends apartment, I’ll hopefully be able to devote a bit more time & attention to The Pruim Life. The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, mostly due to our second cross country move in less than a year – nay, less than half a year. I’ve been to more states in the past six months than I have been in my entire life combined! And these recent endeavors have been some like I’ve never had before, so I wanted to share some of them with you today.

The first leg of our trip led us to San Jose, California for two nights to stay with Adam’s great aunt. This gave us a prime location to check out two of the only things I knew about in Northern California: the Redwoods & the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent a Friday morning driving up the winding mountain roads to get to a state park that we could wander around & look at some of the most fascinating trees I’ve ever seen. I know I’ve said before that palm trees are my favorite tree, but I might have to reconsider that now. These trees are giants. They’re tall, wide, & some are unbelievably old. Their experienced in their old age too. Many of the redwoods we passed by were hollowed out & charred on the inside from past fires. Yet they still press on, and still grow. And they’re still something to marvel over.






We then trekked up the California coast along Route 1 to see our last bits of the pacific shores on our way into the depths of San Francisco. The rush hour traffic had us scooting along the same road for two and a half hours until we finally reached the big red bridge before the sun went down. It was definitely cool to see this structure in real life & it was interesting to read up on how it was made. But after seeing the redwoods at the beginning of the day, I made the decision in my mind that I’d much rather stare at the handiwork of God than the handiwork of men. I had no idea at that point what we had in store for the rest of the trip that would confirm this decision in my heart even more.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

On a Saturday we gathered our stuff & set off for Nevada. We said a last goodbye to In-N-Out in Sacramento. It just so happened that after we left In-N-Out I got stuck at a light and then the highway split into construction traffic so Adam & I were separated & I spent approximately 45 minutes trying to catch up to his car which had the GPS set for our next stop. In the midst of my stress and frustration while trying to work my way through other cars to find him, we were passing through the Tahoe area. This was the second time on the trip that I was staring out the window with my jaw dropped at the pure beauty of the scenery. It was one of those “Ok God” moments where I gave up my stress, calmed down & just thanked him for His creation. Because guys, it was gorgeous. We pulled off on the side of the road to take some pictures shortly before we crossed over to Nevada.




From here we moved on and made it to Winnemucca, NV after sun down. We stopped on the side of the road to give Boone a brief break from the car as the sun was setting over the mountains. This was the most enjoyable part of the state of Nevada for me, because to be honest, driving through the desert is just plain boring. & we learned that to be even more true on our Sunday drive across the never ending roads going through nowhere. Breaking into Idaho at least gave us cell service & a little bit more color other than sandy brown.


We left Monday morning with the destination of Montana, but this was the day that we would pass through Yellowstone National Park. Friends, if you have never been to Yellowstone I strongly suggest that you go add it to you bucket list right now. Ready, go. Ok, have you added it? Great, let’s move on.

We entered into the park at the West entrance & drove south to visit Old Faithful. After many miles of trees, streams, and hot springs (as well as a moose sighting by Adam – I’m terribly saddened that I missed them), we reached the infamous geyser. We had to wait about a half hour for it to actually go off, but something so unique as this made the wait worth it.



We headed back up the same path we drove down & stopped at a set of springs to take a closer look. I’ve never really seen anything like them before. The heavy amounts of steam and the bold colors in the rocks and water made for a pretty artsy view.



We moved on and continued to work our way north. We didn’t stop anywhere else along the way, but for the third time on this trip my jaw was in drop mode and my eyes were not paying nearly enough attention to the road I was driving on (sorry mom & dad). Pictures could never do this place justice. Every bit of it was breathtakingly beautiful. My favorite part was actually driving through the mountain passes. After leaving a dry & droughty land in California, to see greens and yellows in the trees and water in the river beds made my heart feel full. I wished we could have stayed and stared off those mountain tops for hours. But alas, we had to move on. And that led us to a long, food-less drive to Billings, Montana.


I anticipated Montana to be a bit more eventful in it’s views, but the southern parts that we drove through were long stretches of nothingness, with some sub par mountains along the way. I guess driving through Yellowstone makes other mountains a little less fascinating in comparison. This day, as well as a couple others, were supported by gas station food for lunch because towns with restaurants were few & far between. Chex Mix & I got real close on this trip. By our last day of driving we were antsy to get to Minot. We were tired of spending the entirety of our days in the cars. We were tired of staying in a different place every night. We just wanted to get there. When we reached North Dakota the land slowly started to level out and it quickly became littered with oil rigs errywhere. I knew that oil was a big deal in North Dakota, but seriously, I did not expect to see rigs every mile. The construction traffic we got stuck in made us all the more eager to get out of our dirty, bug covered cars. And by Tuesday evening we made it to Minot. A town that has ended up being much larger than I ever expected. So large that one of the first stores I saw as we pulled in was a Hobby Lobby. Now that’s saying something in my opinion, but that may just been out of pure excitement that the store I worked at for almost five years was once again at an attainable distance!

As a whole our travels were easy, smooth, & for the most part stress free (except for our 45 minute separation on the highway & the one day I went a real long time without food. That day wasn’t pretty). Everything went smoothly. We were pleased to find that Boone is a rock star traveler. The little pup spent most of the days sleeping in the front seat of Adam’s car. Then he’d have a burst of energy when we got into each hotel room, and then he slept all night. How he has the ability to do so, I have no idea. We think he also liked having king size beds to sleep on. He took full advantage of the extra space.


As of right now, we’ve been in our new town for a week and a half. We’re currently staying in some gracious friends’ apartment until our house on base is ready for us to move in to. Don’t even bother asking me at this point when that will be because it’s been a headache of a situation to deal with. It’s one of those circumstances where I’m reminding myself daily that this is God’s will so I will be trusting & patient. The latest we should be moving in is November 20, but we’re hoping for an earlier date. We’ll just have to see what happens.

We were ecstatic to arrive in 70 degree weather. Our whole first week here was the perfect fall weather that I’ve been craving. 60s and just slightly breezy. That made a quick shift this week though as we’ve entered into the 20s and 30s. Needless to say, we’re already starting to make preparations for a North Dakota winter. But more than anything, we’re making preparations to start a life here. We’re welcoming any & all visitors that are willing to come 🙂