moving day


I’ve hinted and mentioned here and there that we are moving again in some recent posts, but I’ve left out all of the details because I figured I’d give you all the whole story at one time. Now that today is our move in day, I suppose it is a better time than ever to explain.

Moving wasn’t exactly something I was used to in my life. I grew up in the same room in the same house for the entirety of my childhood, teenage years, and even into college. I first experienced what moving felt like when I moved back and forth each year for college. But even that felt partial as I left so much at home, and would return again.

Then I got married & everything changed. In our 2 years and 4 months of being married we have lived in 4 different homes. And now we’re moving on to number five. And the interesting part of this move is that it is completely unnecessary in comparison to the rest of our moves. We’re not leaving town, we’re not being mandated by the military to go anywhere, our lease isn’t even up yet. In actuality we’re moving down the street – it’s a long street, but it’s still the same street nonetheless. So what’s the story?

Well, first and foremost, I desperately (is that word too dramatic for this?) want a smaller house. To explain a little more, let me take you back to when we first arrived in Minot last October.

To make a long story short, when we arrived here there was a shortage of houses on base specifically for Adam’s rank, so in order to get into a house sooner rather than later we were offered a house to rent that would be on the larger end of a rank below him. We were fine with this at the time because we had already spent a month sleeping on a deflating air mattress in our friend’s apartment and we were ready to have a home of our own. As we moved in we realized quickly just how big our house was. We’re currently living in a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house with more square footage than I have ever had in my entire life. Here’s a problem with that: The amount of belongings we had when we moved in was enough to fill a small one bedroom apartment. Even with everything we owned inside our home, it still echoed. In the 10 months we’ve been here we still have multiple rooms sitting empty, with no use other than to collect dust.

It didn’t help that in the months prior to moving to North Dakota I went all giddy on minimalism and was trying to live with less. And here I was, put inside this giant house, with what felt like the little belongings we had and I was terrified to fill it. Because I knew I’d want to. But at the same time I didn’t want to. I’ve fought hard against the temptation to buy ALL the things.

Here’s another problem: There’s two of us and a dog. We’re using this giant house for our small family & it just feels wasteful. A family with children could much better benefit from this home, and I feel like we’re taking that away from someone. I enjoy having space to host people, but this is just too much for day to day living.

So, with all of that in mind we wanted to seek options to move. With the summer being a busy time on base for people PCSing, we wanted to take advantage of houses that were available. Towards the end of the summer we were able to discuss our options with housing. Through this process we were offered a house in an area that we have multiple friends living around, which is exactly what we wanted. We’re having to pay a little extra to break our lease early, but with the houses we were eyeing being available now, it’s worth it to us in case there are no houses available come late November. Plus, who wants to willingly move with cold & snow? Not me.


All that to say, today is our official move in date. We have a week to move all of our stuff from one house to the other, and then clean like we never have before our closing date next Friday. I’m incredibly excited to change things up, to feel like our home fits us better, to decorate and organize everything all over again, and to be a few minutes closer to friends. It’s been a rather smooth process with a little bit of waiting on our end, but I’m looking forward to what’s in store for us in this next chapter of life.

catching up // summer 2015 (part two)

So I’ve had a chance to tell you about all the traveling that took place over our 2015 summer season, but there has been a whole lot of day to day life going on too, and that has been just as significant to my summer. Here’s some updates of what else has been going on.

Prior to Adam leaving for California for the summer, we started checking out a new church as we hadn’t really felt settled in a decision with one yet. After just a couple visits we made the decision to stick with this new-to-us one, and it has made a wonderfully beautiful difference in our lives. It is unbelievable the difference that a solid, Jesus following, bible teaching, community building church can make in our lives. We’ve been meeting new people and making more friends – both military and non military; both younger and older. & it has been entirely life giving & is an answer to prayer for us. Fun story: You want to know how small the world is? A couple in our small group went to the same college as two of my cousins, so in the midst of small talk I asked if they might know either of them. Turns out the guy was one of my cousin’s roommates for 3 years. Mind BLOWN.

Speaking of people, we’ve been blessed upon blessed with the people we’ve been building relationships with. It might be the military life that brings together some solidarity, but we’ve got such a solid community going on lately that only seems to be growing. Game nights, and pool time, and dinners, and impromptu trips have all filled up both weeknights and weekends in our schedule and it’s been all kinds of great. God sure has known all along exactly what our hearts & souls needed when we came here.





Work has been steadily busy for me over the past few months. I’m working part time, yet sometimes it feels full time with how packed my schedule gets sometimes. Overall, it’s been a solid balance of working and investing in the youth in our community through our program, while still investing in the relationships in my personal life.

During the spring time I felt God pushing me towards the idea of starting up a Bible study. At the time we hadn’t really settled with a church yet, but even if we had I felt this need and desire to practically and personally pour into some of the women in my life. I toyed with the idea for months before I finally buckled down and got it off the ground. I’ve been involved with plenty of bible studies in the past, but I’ve never really been in a role before where I’ve led one and let me tell you, it’s been challenging me in all the right ways. I’ve learned that it is much more complicated to speak about what I believe than it is to think about it. I can make sense of it all in my head, but then make me use my own words and I have to work a whole lot harder. It’s been humbling. But it’s been motivating to really work at this. To really learn to communicate the gospel well. I think that’s my biggest fear and insecurity when it comes to teaching/leading: I want to represent Jesus well. I don’t want to mislead someone by explaining things incorrectly. So I’ve been combating that with trying to lean into the Spirit and letting God speak for Himself, while also soaking in more understanding of who God is so that I can all the more better express that understanding.

My favorite holiday of the year happens over the summer…fourth of July. We celebrated it over the span of two days, because Adam and another friend of ours were out working the day of. So the fourth itself was a low key day with a couple friends, cooking out, and sitting in a truck bed at the top of a hill to see some fireworks. The fifth was a bit more festive for us with patriotic clothes, a potluck dinner (with homemade strawberry ice cream), and sparklers. A holiday well spent for sure.

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Dairy Queen made my sing for joy this summer when they made the smartest decision they probably ever have and brought cotton candy blizzards back to their menu – for how long I am not sure – so you better believe that I have been filling my stomach with that sugary goodness as often as possible. I’m personally hoping that my constant orders of them at our local DQ will make them keep it on the menu forever & ever & ever.

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Guys, NoDak summers. Let me tell you. They’re MAGICAL. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. But for real though, I have been having all kinds of heart eyes for our summer weather here. By midsummer, the sun didn’t go down until 10-10:30pm. ALL KINDS OF SUNLIGHT. Rain has been fairly minimal. It makes appearances here and there, but usually passes after an hour or two. Just enough for me to get a summer storm fix. Not enough to keep the grass fully green though. That’s been unfortunate, but overall I’ve been so content. And the temperatures. Oh it’s been glorious. 80s. 90s. 100s even. It’s been HOT. Yet, the humidity is minimal and I can breathe. Such a beautiful contrast to the cold that will be coming over the long winter. Seriously, friends and family, come visit us next summer and lets frolic through the sunflower fields & sit by the pool day all day, erry day.


Speaking of sitting by the pool, I was able to do plenty of that this summer with a pool right on base. Either alone or with friends, it was a short hop over to the pool to soak up some sun. And because I don’t like to waste time, I would utilize that time to read. As a result I’ve been able to finish quite a few books this summer. I love reading. I just don’t always take the time to do it. So I was not only glad to work on getting a decent tan this summer, but I was glad to have some time set aside to really dive into some solid books. I’m thinking of a post in the near future of some of my most recent favorite reads. What do you think?

Other random summer highlights include: the Blackhawks winning the Stanley cup, getting back into the swing of playing tennis, seeing Keith Urban at the North Dakota State Fair, and celebrating multiple birthdays – including my own.

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Probably our biggest news coming out of the summer (no we’re not pregnant) is that were moving. Again. Why oh why would we ever decide to make an unnecessary move after 4 moves in two years? Well…I’m going to leave you hanging here and save that explanation for another day. But I’ll tell you about it reallll soon. I promise.

One thing I won’t leave you hanging with though: puppy pictures. Because Boone is just a light in our life and he never stops making me smile.


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I think that leaves you all caught up on life for us over the past couple months. Summer 2015 was a season full of settling in, having fun, and persevering through. & now that it’s September I can officially be excited about the upcoming fall season. Thanks for checking in everyone!

catching up // summer 2015 (part one)

With an unintentional silence on the Pruim Life this summer, I have a lot to catch you all up on. So before I get all carried away with all the fall feels I’ve been feeling, let’s take a look back to this summer. Because I’m still soaking up every warm day we’re getting while I can. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to with our travels this summer:

We kicked off our summer with a week long visit from my parents. We spent most of their time here relaxing, hanging out, and showing them our everyday lives, but my mom and I did get a chance to go visit our local zoo. Don’t let sizes fool you – for being such a small zoo, there was much greater opportunity to get close to some of the animals. We were pretty impressed. Although we did almost get attacked by squirrels that were stealing food from some bunnies.


When my parents packed their car to head back home, I packed mine along with them to caravan back to Illinois for a very brief, last minute planned trip home. One of my friends has been teaching in Africa this past year, and she came home for a couple weeks this summer to visit, so I made plans to drive to see her the same time one of our other friends was flying in from Nebraska (#collegereunion). Typically our trips home are jam-packed with fitting in as many loved ones as possible, & I’m usually quite impressed by the amount of people we’re able to see, even if my sleep schedule severely suffers. But this trip was a little more low-key as I kept it mostly to myself – granted my sleep schedule still suffered. I knew that I’d be back in a couple weeks anyways, so I just focused on spending time with a few family members and Hannah & Taryn. Highlights include: a throwback sleepover with two of my cousins, a perfectly made cotton candy blizzard, game night with a few extended family members, a day in the sun with all of my cousins’ little boys, roasting strawberries covered in marshmallow fluff & Nutella over the stove top at Hannah’s sister’s house, & of course just spending good ol’ quality time to catch up with each and every person I saw.



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Our biggest summer plans were completely shaken up due to Adam getting offered an opportunity to go back out to California for work (super exciting) for 5 weeks (not so exciting). It just so happened that he would leave the week that we had planned to go home for our friends’ wedding. So right at the beginning of July I dropped him off at the airport and then hit the road with Boone the following day to still make the trip home – just for a shorter period of time. It was a perfectly timed trip in the sense that I was able to keep my mind off Adam being gone for a little while. So while home I spent a whole lot of time catching up with some of my favorites and celebrating the next chapter of two dear friends’ lives.

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My last big trip of the summer was yet again a last minute planned adventure. About 2 days before Adam was leaving, we toyed with the idea for me to come visit. We found a reasonably priced fare for a perfectly carved out time frame for me to go visit him for a few days to break up the time we had to spend apart. Hashtag worth it.

Adam was staying at the same base that we were living at this time last year, so while I was there we visited some of the spots that we frequented before. We watched dolphins at Pismo beach, got lunch and a salted caramel pretzel milkshake at Hoagie’s, went paddleboarding for the first time in Santa Barbara, and window shopped along State Street. I also took advantage of our time in Cali to get some food that we don’t have access to in Minot. (What up In-N-Out, Chipotle, & Chick-fil-a!). My stomach was certainly well pleased.

IMG_7802 IMG_7804

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It was exciting to mix it up and spend a couple days back in California; to “getaway” with the hubs; to see the ocean and the mountains again; to revisit the place we were living last year. But I’m honestly so content with our life where we’re at, so it was good to come home. And it was SO SO SO good to have Adam join me back home about a week after I left.

For those who aren’t familiar with Adam and I’s story, we spent the majority of our dating relationship long distance. By majority, I mean about 4 out of the 5 years. We’ve been there. We were well prepared for this brief time apart. But that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable – a little more manageable maybe, but in no way, shape, or form preferred – especially now that we’re married. I tried so hard not to be dramatic about it. There are families that go so much longer being separated. Especially in the military. There are families that have to conquer deployments that last much longer, and are much riskier. I have so much respect and empathy for the people who have to deal with that. So I did my best to remind myself of that throughout the weeks we spent apart. I just missed my best friend. We do have some pretty awesome friends that were sure to take care of me though, and they spent plenty of intentional time hanging out with me while he was gone.

It is just so, so good to have him back and be able to establish our “normal” again. Now that he’s home I sometimes fight off the urge to wrap my arms around him and never let go. Then again, sometimes I don’t. Boone was thrilled to have his daddy back too. I wasn’t there to witness it, but apparently he stuck his head between Adam’s legs and cried for a good 5 minutes when Adam walked through the door.

So all in all, we ended up having more travels in our summer than we initially planned this year, but it gave us quite an adventure. For the sake of time and space, I’ll save the rest of the details of our summer for another day, so tune in later this week for all the in-between, everyday stuff.

How about you…where did you travel to this summer?

my top ten favorite posts from the first year.


A year ago today my first post on this blog went public. It was weeks in the making, and months worth of thoughts coming together, and I was secretly a little terrified at the pondering thought of if anyone would even care to read what I had to say. Ok, honestly I was a lot terrified. That’s why it took me weeks to get to the point of hitting the publish button. But here we are a year later. I’m still a little terrified at times that no one even cares to read my words. But I try to turn back to the contentment that if just one person reads this, if just one person is moved by the words shared, if just one heart is impacted by the Gospel active in my life, then it would be worth it. So if you’re here reading this, thank you. Thanks for caring enough to read what I have to say. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to wonder what in the world is going on in my life or my head. Thanks for sticking with me in the seasons of plenty and the seasons of drought. I appreciate every set of eyes that come across this blog.

In honor on The Pruim Life’s first birthday, I went through the archives and pulled out my top 10 posts I’ve written in the last year (in no particular order). They cover all sorts of topics. But these are the ones that resonate with my heart the deepest. These are the ones that I believe in the most. These are the words that speak the most from my heart. So feel free to check them out, either for the first time, or for a refresher. Or don’t. I’m not here to make you do anything. I’m just saying that you might not regret it if you do 🙂

Weakness, not Perfection. The words that struck me to my core about being vulnerable enough to boast of my weaknesses to make much of Jesus.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. The first of what I hope to be many future posts in this series. This is the story of so many things beginning to unfold in my life that all started at the Pumpkin Olympics.

When God’s Will Doesn’t Match Up With My Own. Reflections on our journey from Illinois to California to North Dakota.

From Comparison to Contentment. The introduction to this series on a root issue in, I think, many of our lives that needs to be addressed.

The Pilot Episode. This, in fact, was the first post on The Pruim Life. To this day it still reflects the reasons that I decided to embark on this small sort of adventure.

Bind My Wandering Heart to Thee. Focusing in on tearing down modern day idols in our lives.

No Make Up Month: Part One. Reasons why I decided to go a month completely make-up-less.

Less is More. My heartbeat for seeking simplicity, rather than drowning in life’s clutter.

The Purge: Tips for Minimizing Your Wardrobe. The things I learned to be helpful in my own closet overhaul.

The War on Insecurity. Very honest and vulnerable thoughts on some struggles I’ve faced in the past couple years.

With year two in full swing, my hope is that my words here reflect Jesus; that they reflect the Gospel. My desire is to glorify God. I hope that I can continue to find courage to speak out and not fold in about the things God is teaching me, showing me, and revealing in my life. I hope that time allows for me to invest a little more here. I hope that this space continues to grow. We’ll see how it all plays out.

Do you have a favorite post from the first year of The Pruim Life? If so, I’d love to hear about your thoughts in the comments below!

another year older

I’m well aware that it’s been pretty quiet around these parts over the summer, but I’ll catch you all up to speed soon on what’s been happening in the real life Pruim life. The latest news? Today marks the start of my 24th year of life. Yep, it’s my birthday. In the days leading up to today I’ve been looking back on this past year and I kind of can’t believe everything that has happened. 23 in theory isn’t anything uniquely special, but I suppose no one’s 23rd year of life is quite the same. Mine was a pretty eventful one, that’s for sure. So for memories’ sake, here’s a look back at some of the highlights:

my 23rd year

In my 23rd year I have…

…road tripped 5 times to cover 9 states (some of which were repeats).

…flown on 19 flights. My stomach sure will be thankful for a lesser number in year 24.

…visited Yellowstone National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Redwoods, the Mall of America, and Cozumel – just to name some biggies.

…crossed off my all time number one bucket list dream and swam with dolphins.

…lived in 3 different homes – and for some crazy reason we’re in the process of moving again…but more on that later 🙂

…survived one North Dakota winter.

…missed out on 4 weddings back home, but still managed to make it to 2.

…lost approximately 7 pounds. It’s been a struggle. Consistency sure does takes commitment.

…started a blog.

…celebrated 2 years of marriage.

…loved every second of being a mama to the sweetest little puppy dog ever.

…experienced the heaviness of homesickness, but also the joy & peace of embracing exactly where God wants us to be.

…praised God for his provision and sovereignty, because He has proved Himself faithful time & time again this year.

…really taken to heart the call to make disciples, and have put some words and thoughts to actions because of it.

Is it too cheesy to say, “what a year 23 has been!”? I hope not, because that’s how I feel. It has by far been my most traveled year of life. But it’s also been chaotic and messy and adventurous. It’s been challenging and formative and enlightening.

I’m at the age where when I was younger I thought life really began. You go through school, and maybe through college, and work towards making a life for yourself. It was always impressed upon me to think about my future. But now I’m in that future. The truth is, my life began 24 years ago today. And every little second has contributed to who I am and where I am right in this moment. I’ll be honest, I constantly – like seriously, constantly – am marveling over how strange “growing up” and “being an adult” is. It’s weird. It’s good weird. But it’s weird. Those of you who have lived more life than me, does it ever get less weird? Maybe I’ll feel more normal if it doesn’t. Maybe I’ll feel more settled if it does. I’m okay with getting older, I really am. It’s just one of those phenomenons in life that doesn’t fully get comprehended. I’m in this stage of gaining understanding, but not having all the pieces of the puzzle yet. One day it’ll all make sense. Maybe.

I’m reminded of something one of my favorite blogger’s said back in February when she turned 30 and was reflecting on the weirdness of growing up too: “Getting older is not about feeling different. It’s not about putting on a new look or changing who you are. As experience has shown, we pretty much feel the same. We just grow. We gain experiences. We carry who we were into the next year and the year after that. We’re a little taller, maybe. We’re a little rounder, maybe. We have different tastes, maybe. But we’re us. Exactly us.”

So I start this 24th year with arms wide open. Because in all honesty, I have no other logical choice. Here’s to growing. Here’s to experiencing. Here’s to growing up.

weakness, not perfection


I have a hard time with vulnerability. Like, real vulnerability. The kind of vulnerability that sheds light on my deepest weaknesses, heaviest burdens, and darkest sins. It takes the right time, place, and person for me to really open up about those things, and even when I do it’s likely weeks, months, or maybe years, after I’ve already been dealing with the weight of it.

You see, somewhere along the line I started to believe the perception that a mature Christian should be able to get through the tough stuff – that someone who is following Jesus shouldn’t be so easily tripped up by the little things. I believe this lie that I should be able to handle things on my own. Most of the things I have dealt with, or do deal with, in life do not seem that big compared to the people I know (& don’t know) that go through so much hardship and struggle, so much pain and heartbreak, so much heaviness. And so I don’t want to burden people with the things that I’m facing.

At the root of it, my natural tendencies towards perfectionism lead me to believe that as a Christian I’m supposed to be all put together. I’m supposed to live a life unlike those of this world. I’m supposed to live a life redeemed by Jesus and so I should show how I rise above it. But a problem enters in when I don’t have it all put together. When I’m hurting or feeling weak. When I’m dealing with my own sins. And I’m too prideful to ask for help. Because then I hold it all in. And it piles up and entangles. And then I can’t even make sense of it when it does comes bursting out. So my persona of perfection is shattered, and I’m left feeling broken and confused.

I wrote about all of this in my journal back when we first arrived to North Dakota in October. I was flipping through the other night and re-read the words that I wrote, and they still resonate. I added some additional thoughts in the margins, and out of nowhere I was reminded of the concept that God is made perfect in my weakness. So I opened my Bible and found the Scripture that went along with this. This is what I read:

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecution, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong. [2 Corinthians 12:9-10]

This is Paul speaking to the Corinthians in response to some people within their community that were boasting of their accomplishments, their heritage, and their experiences. Paul was so agitated that the only way he knew to get through to the people who were hearing these things was to boast back. So he told of the hardship he has faced while following Jesus. Then he started to speak of this heavenly vision or experience (he said himself he’s not sure what it was) that he had. But he stopped himself and explained that he was not allowed to share the details of it so that no one may think more of him. And a thorn was put in his flesh to keep him from becoming conceited. He pleaded with God to remove it three times, and God’s response was what I read in verse 9. And Paul went on to explain his understanding in verse 10. [You can check out the entire context in 2 Corinthians 11:16-12:10]. I dug deeper into these words and looked into our study bible and found this explanation:

“Paul was not allowed to speak about his heavenly revelations, but he quotes Christ’s declaration to underscore that his earthy weaknesses (not his revelations) would be the platform for perfecting and demonstrating the Lord’s power.”

So I began to think about if I don’t boast of my weaknesses, how will people know my need for Jesus? And if I don’t boast of my weaknesses, how will people know God’s grace in my life? If I don’t speak of the things that are messy and hard, people won’t know God’s transformative work in my life. They will only see that I’m put together and maybe that I’m a “good person.” And He is therefore robbed of that glory that He deserves.

If we boast of ourselves, we ask for eyes to be on us. If I emphasize all that I have done, I’m not pointing to Jesus, I’m pointing to myself. And in comparison to Jesus, who the heck cares what I do? I am nothing without Christ. I accomplish nothing of worth apart from Jesus. My greatest triumphs in this world are meaningless and worthless unless they give complete glory to God. My grades in school, my past accomplishments in sports, the job that I have, the amount of my salary, the size of my house, the quality of things that I own, the health of my marriage, the car that I drive, the number that shows up on the scale – none of it means anything a part from Jesus. There’s a reason God never really permitted for me to be number one at anything. Yes, I’ve finished at the top of the line up in many things, but never quite first place. And I understand why now. If I had done so, I would find all the more reason to boast in myself. Any bit of seniority I’ve ever had has gone to my head. And it has ultimately seeped through the fingers of my grip. Leaving me empty, with nothing. Because the only thing worth holding onto is Jesus. When I do that, I might receive blessing alongside of it (or maybe not), but regardless both of my hands should be gripped on him. Both of my eyes should be focused on Him. The words that I speak should speak of Him. Because nothing else matters. Period.

Folks, I’m a mess. I make mistakes. A lot. I have so many flaws and quirks that still need refining. I choose to reach for things that steal my affections from Jesus. Daily. And all with the knowledge of the things that stir my affections for Him. I turn my back on Him even when I know that nothing is sweeter than throwing myself into His arms. I hurt people with my words. Sometimes to their face. Most times behind their backs. Sometimes unintentionally, sometimes unconsciously, but the scary part is many times on purpose. Only Jesus and I are aware of just how much, and how quickly, my mind and heart turn towards judging and criticizing others, but you can trust me when I say it’s a lot. I fight my natural tendencies towards pride on a daily basis. And then when I recognize the pride, I fight the tendencies to lean into insecurities. I hold grudges, especially against those that hurt me in ways that I hurt others. I expect perfection of others, but then don’t hold myself to the same standards. I’m a walking contradiction. At the root of it all, I’m terribly selfishness. Terribly, terribly selfish. Who I am on my own taints the picture of Jesus that I claim to represent. And to be honest guys, all of this doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So the moral of the story: I need Jesus. Desperately. And that is why I get chills and my eyes fill with tears every time I sing of his amazing grace in my life. I need that grace. Daily. Hourly. Minutely. And it is ONLY by that grace that I have been redeemed and washed cleaned. I’ve been purchased and my sins have been pardoned by the blood of Christ and His resurrection. It has nothing to do with who I am or what I have done. So I need to stop holding onto my idea of my own perfection and embrace my mess so that God may be glorified, not me. It has everything to do with Jesus. And so it is HIM that I praise. It is only in HIM that I can boast. And so I boast of Him today to you, in the hopes that you may know that He is capable of doing the same thing in you that He has done in me.

worth the read // vol. 3

simple 026

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out already, in the latest post in the From Comparison to Contentment series I shared my own personal struggle with insecurity and spoke on how one of the most natural things for us to compare to others is our appearance. To tag along with that, I have a round up of other blog posts, articles, and movements that are speaking up about the same thing. Each & every one of these, I believe, is worth the read.

This series is one that hits all the points, but this post in particular struck my heart the most.

This movement is sweeping the world. It started a few months after I had already started my own “no make up month” and it directly fell in line with the heart of the matter.

Because skinny people have insecurities too.

“…my perception of personal beauty and worth is about who Jesus is. Because let’s face it, I will always find another woman with better hair, whiter teeth, and smoother skin than me. If I only measure my beauty by the person standing across from me, I will always lose. It’s only when I choose to believe the truth of the Gospel that I can let go of comparison and grasp the value that was bought for me by Jesus on the cross. I am loved and accepted and celebrated beyond my wildest imagination. I will always measure up. I will always be precious – to God the Father, through Christ.”

“There will always be someone more fit, more toned, more tan, or more athletic. There will always be someone cuter or prettier, and there will always be someone with a nicer house/more interesting life/better job. And even when we meet that next goal, lose those last five pounds, or climb one more rung of the ladder…there will always be a bigger house, five more pounds, or another rung. We are meant to be content and find joy, but we so quickly start looking for this in an endless chase after life goals that are impossible to conquer.”

This letter to a daughter says so much that relates to every woman too.