the little things // vol. 3

I’m back with another installment of The Little Things. This series was started as a way to share some simple things that have been impacting my life in big ways. Because it’s the little things in life that add up to make the greatest of impacts. I have received some of my best recommendations for products, books, podcasts, or life tips from blogs, podcasts, or friends, so I wanted to be a pal and pass along some things I’m loving with you all.

(For previous posts of The Little Things, check out vol. 1 and vol. 2)

Here are five little things that have been making a big impact this month:

1. The Office Ladies podcast

Calling all fans of The Office – if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey started a podcast last year as they rewatch the entire series, and dive deep into details on each episode. It’s full of nostalgia and behind-the-scenes information of this amazing comedy, occasionally including some of their former co-stars as guests. If you are a fan of The Office and you haven’t given this a listen yet, hop on over to your favorite podcast source and enjoy! (And if you’re not a fan of The Office, then do yourself a favor and soak it up while you can during its last year on Netflix).

2. Pilates (specifically through The Balanced Life Sisterhood)

After being introduced to the Balanced Life podcast with Robin Long, I was inadvertently turned on to try out some of her at-home pilates workouts last fall. I enjoyed the intentional movements that aim to create better posture alignment, core strength, and muscle balance. But at the time I already had a solid workout regime that was working for me, and I didn’t want to invest any further if I knew I couldn’t commit. Fast forward a couple months and I was in search of a new workout routine as the gym I worked at closed. Robin’s motivating mantra of ‘grace over guilt’ and her countercultural approach to health and wellness stuck with me and I wanted more of that pouring into my life, so it felt like the opportune time to give The Balanced Life Sisterhood membership a try. I started on the first of the year, and I am 100% loving it. I enjoy the workouts and the variety of strengths they are helping me maintain and develop. I love the attention to detail on each movement to ensure proper form to prevent injury). I truly look forward to spending time on my mat each day. It’s been an amazing addition to my workout routine.

3. Single Column Journaling Bible (currently sold out, similar option)

I recently invested in what I refer to as my “dream Bible.” I love to write notes in the empty spaces of my Bible to remember the things the Lord teaches me about it, and for the last 6-7 years I’ve squeezed as much writing as possible into the small margins on the Bible I’ve had. I’ve been eyeing a journaling Bible for quite some time, and came across this beauty awhile back, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money to replace something I already had. This Bible stood the test of time in my mind, though, and for me that often implies a worthy investment. On Black Friday I took advantage of a sale and finally purchased this perfect-for-me Bible. I love all of the extra margin space to take notes, and it is larger print so it expands the space even further. Plus, the cover is a soft leather that I can’t get enough of, and it’s ESV which is my preferred translation. My suggestion is that whether this is the Bible of your dreams, or not, find yourself one that fits what you want, and love it for years and years to come. It makes it all the more thrilling to open up the Word of God.

4. Praying for someone each day

A new habit I’ve been working on establishing this year has been intentionally praying for someone each day. I spend a lot of time journaling prayers and thoughts to God and sorting through some of my own mess, and when circumstances arise I will pray for someone as needed. But in an attempt to increase my compassion and regard for others this year (read more about that in my 2020 goals here), the thought came to me to more mindfully pray for someone each day – regardless of if a circumstance comes up or not. This has looked like praying for someone on their birthday, praying for a friend I spent time with the day before, praying for someone I’m supposed to chat with that day, or praying for someone that showed up in a dream. I’ve only been practicing this habit for a few weeks, and it seems that it’s already helping me think more about others and consider how life may be weighing on them, and in turn helping me to empathize and care for them through prayer.

5. Shark Steam Mop

Now that I have one, I’m not sure how it’s taken me so long to get one, because I am loving the ease and practicality of having a steam mop. Up until this point I’ve been using a Swifer wet jet to clean our floors, and while it’s done a fair job, I wanted something that was capable of some more effective cleaning. I was also ecstatic to realize that I wouldn’t need to regularly purchase cleaning fluid or cleaning pads either. Once I got the mop and started using it, it quickly showed how much better it is at cleaning my floors (i.e. it was able to clean up spots that had been on our floors for months from the dogs that the Swifer couldn’t even do damage on). My only fear is that we have laminate floors and there were many reviews that exercised caution over it, but I’ve been using mine on the lowest setting and following the creases as my mop instructions suggest for our floors, so we’ll see how it all holds up. I sure hope it does because it’s made cleaning the floors 10x more enjoyable, cost effective, and efficient.

And that’s all for today friends – five little things that have been making a big impact on my life in the last month. I hope that one (or more) or these meets a need in your own life and benefits you as much as it has benefitted me. If you give any of these little things a try (or if you already utilize them) let me know in the comments below with what you think!

Until next time,

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