catching up // vol. 4

Happy New Year Pruim Life readers! I’ve decided that I need to stop apologizing for the gaps in between my posts, simply because I feel like I do it too often. Every time I get amped up to start posting on a more regular basis, something (or things) comes up and I get preoccupied with living life. But I figure I’m not some hot shot blogger or anything with thousands of followers that is expected to post daily so I don’t have to put the pressure on myself to do so. Granted, I would love to post more often for you folks. I have a lot on my mind to post. I have a lot that I have already planned to post. I even have some posts already written out, but there are just other things I want to touch on first. So this will be the last time that I apologize for leaving you all hanging. Some times I will be able to post consistently, but there are other times that I simply want to be present in my daily life. That’s something I think everyone could do a little more often. So why don’t I catch you up to speed on what’s been keeping me so busy lately.

Catching Up // Vol. 6

1 // With the end of our year being consumed by our trip home to Illinois, we celebrated our own family Christmas on Christmas Eve. We went to a Christmas Eve service at the church we’ve been attending, came home & exchanged presents, and made puppy chow. It was simple, yet perfect.

2 // We ended up driving 15 hours on Christmas day to make it to Chicagoland a day early, & as long as it was, it was so very worth it. Most of our days were jam packed with friends & family, as well as multiple family Christmases. Most days we were exhausted when we woke up (I don’t think I’ve ever had more coffee in such a short span of time in my life), but I think I can speak for both of us when I say that every late night, every early morning, every busy day, every back to back plan we made, was so, so worth it.

3 // With this being Boone’s first trip to our motherland, he met so many people & so many pups. The most eventful day for him was Christmas with my family where he met my parent’s dog, and my brother’s two pups. They were entertaining to say the least. For the most part, he handled the stress of so much newness pretty well. We’re just thankful to have been able to bring him along.

4 // After Adam headed back to Minot on New Years Eve, my time at home slowly wound down. My days got a little less busier, but I still fit in quality time with quality people, including a fantastic weekend trip down to our old home in Southern Illinois. One of the people that I spent a lot of time with is this gal, my cousin Jordi. She’s been my best friend pretty much since the day I was born (we have pictures to prove it) and our nonsensical tendencies haven’t changed a bit. She and her husband were both in the Army for a number of years, meaning they were anywhere but near me. And the same summer that Adam and I started our adventures across the country for the Air Force was the summer that she and Aaron completed their time with the Army and moved back home. My slight bitterness at the hilarity of the timing was completely made up for as we spent many nights staying up late, chatting about all-the-things in life, and many days just relaxing at her house.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

5 // Speaking of days spent at Jordi’s, I also got to spend the longest stretch of time I ever have with this hilarious boy. For the first time ever I think we finally got Lukas to a point that he remembered who I was and would greet me at the door by saying “Aunt Kelly, come chase me.” I have countless videos of this kid saying & doing the greatest of things that are going to help any bit of homesickness that potentially could occur in the months to come.

6 // One of the days that I was home, Jordi, Lukas, and I hung out with my mom and looked through plenty of old pictures while sharing countless memories and stories of “the good ol’ days.” The pictures truly were priceless. The gem above here is a shot of my brother and I doing who knows what. I like to think we were on top of the thought of “what does the fox say” far before it went viral a couple years ago. Regardless, I think we were just adorable.

7 // Speaking of blasts from the past, we are now the proud owners of a new-to-us N64. Guys, this is the best video game system of all time. & thanks to Jordi & Aaron, we now have one in our possession – along with all of the best games ever (what up Mario Kart!). It’s given us the chance to be able to do something else alongside of each other. For awhile the Playstation was taking up a bit of Adam’s free time, but now we have something that we are both interested in. It’s been a blast working together to collect stars on Mario & now puzzle pieces on Banjo Kazooie. We’ve been able to cheer each other on, work together, get competitive, and sit side by side pushed up close to the TV.

8 // Since arriving home, my time has been full of soaking up every second with my boys, settling back into a normal (even though I don’t even really have an established normal yet), & continuing to set up house. Having a home that is still in need of much decorating, I was much more attentive to details of people’s houses on our trip. I gained a lot of inspiration for ways that I wanted to set up some of our spaces. I’m incredibly content with our kitchen at this point, and now our living room is coming along too. We now have a new-to-us living room set thanks to a garage sale facebook page, a new rug, and new curtains that need to still be hung. It feels so much homier and I am loving every second of the process.

So long story short, our time at home was full. It was busy & chaotic at times. But it also left us feeling full. It was a perfect way to end 2014, and start off 2015. After two weeks of visiting in Illinois, I was ready to come home to Minot. Adam & I spent the majority of our almost 5 year relationship long distance before we were married, and any bit of time that we have had to briefly return to being away from each other is just a reminder that I am so thankful that those days are behind us. We were apart for a week, but let me tell you: I missed my hubby. I don’t care how mushy or pathetic that may sound, but I’ve grown quite fond of living life alongside him and I’m sad when we have to go so many days apart (I know, I know, it was just a week. My former long-distance relationshiped self would be shaking my head & saying that’s nothing. But no matter the time frame, being away from someone you love can always be a challenge). I definitely had the most wonderful time at home, but I could not wait to be reunited with Adam and our pup. It makes me intentionally decide to take advantage of every day we have together. That’s the biggest reason you haven’t heard from me sooner. Because I’ve been soaking up every second with my little family. Nothing like some distance to make your heart grow fonder.

So, it’s good to be back.

How has 2015 been treating you all so far?

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