catching up // vol. 3

Ever have those periods in life that just seem to flash before your eyes – the kinds that seem like they last a week, but are actually a month? Surely I’m not the only one. This past month has been all sorts of busy – but busy in many good ways. Time has literally escaped me at times, so forgive me for my unintentional absence from blogland. I’ve finally come to catch you all up to speed on what’s been going on in the Pruim life this past month.

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1 // We moved into our new house! If you’ve been around here for a little while, you’ve read that we were waiting patiently anxiously to move into our new humble abode & it finally happened! It’s been truly wonderful to set up house in a place that we’re likely going to be in for more than a year. That will be something new for us (case in point: 4th home in 1.5 years of marriage). This place is larger than any home either of us have ever lived in, and the space overwhelms my (newer) minimalist-wannabe mindset. But this is the home we’ve been provided through the housing company on base, and sometimes you just have to take what you get, even if it doesn’t meet all of your particular expectations.

2 // It took a couple extra weeks after we moved in to get all of our belongings delivered, so we sat in an echoing, empty home for some time, but a week after Thanksgiving the movers reunited us with everything we’ve been living without since October. Unpacking didn’t take long, but I’m still in a stage of finding the right place for every little thing.

3 // Just before Thanksgiving Minot received it’s first big snowfall(s) of the season, meaning hot chocolate has been in adequate supplies in this household. Temperatures have gotten quite low & into the negatives already, but this past week we hit a heat wave and have been in the upper 30s and lower 40s (this is my life now 😦 ), which I’ve learned is quite rare for this time of year, so we have soaked up every bit of it.

4 // Boone is thrilled with the new house. Actually, it’s more like he is thrilled with his fenced in backyard. Plenty of space to run free and bark at all the neighboring dogs. Add snow to the mix and the boy would never come inside if it wasn’t for the cold. He LOVES snow. He loves to dig in it. He loves to eat it. He loves to lick it off your shoes. He loves to sit in it and stare into the distance. He’s a strange puppy sometimes, but he is still oh so perfect in our eyes.

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5 // As if we haven’t had enough Pruim family road trips this year, we hopped in a car and drove 8 hours to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving to visit and celebrate with two very dear friends, Joe & Vanessa, and their family. It was our first Thanksgiving not at home, which was a weird adjustment, but we settled for the next best thing by celebrating with family-like friends. We spent Thanksgiving day baking cookies, eating our traditional Thanksgiving meal at Buca di Beppo, and playing games at Vanessa’s uncle’s house.

6 // The week we came to visit was the same week that the Joe & Ness got a sweet new dog, Lumi. Despite her adjusting to her new family & home, and Boone having the worst spatial awareness possible, they got along great. They both even came along for our walk down the alley one morning to get donuts from Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

7 // We spent a good portion of Black Friday at the Mall of America (talk about most epic Black Friday shopping location ever!). We opted out of being the avid shoppers that went out Thanksgiving night and took our time getting there midday on Friday. I’ve heard stories of the size of this mall, but it doesn’t really come into perspective until you actually go there. It was HUGE. And kind of mind-blowing. Wanna know what else is mind-blowing? IKEA. Yep, never been there before either until now. We spent a good 3 hour chunk of time adventuring around the magical land of home goods & furnishings.

8 // I was incredibly grateful to spend some time checking out the Twin City area, but even more grateful to spend some extra quality time with this girl. We met in high school, went to college together, stood in each others’ weddings as maid&matron of honor, and have remained close despite the distance between us. She’s one of my very best friends. Oh yeah, and the creep of a photo-bombing husband she’s got was one of my best guy friends in college. So needless to say, it was so great to see them, spend time with them, and become even more like family.

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9 // At the end of November we celebrated being married for a year and a half. At this point, after all of these moves and life changes in the last year, it in some ways feels like it’s been much longer. During our first year of marriage, we made it a point to do something special for every monthiversary. Yes, monthiversary. Because, why not? But year two it was time to take it back a step to celebrate a dianniversary. Yes, dianniversary (I looked it up and Urban Dictionary says it’s a thing, so it must be true). Maybe next year we’ll just stick to the traditional yearly celebration. Maybe not. I just really enjoy taking the time to honor our marriage and have an extra excuse to go out on a date. This dianniversary we went to see Mockingjay (Part 2 you can’t come soon enough!), found out that another two of our closest friends are pregnant!, and then went to Montana Mike’s for steak dinner because we had a gift certificate (what up filet minon!)

10 // It began to look a lot like Christmas in our household even before we received all of our household goods. We went out and bought stockings, and even got one for our precious pup.

11 // At the beginning of December we went to Adam’s squadron’s Christmas party. It was the first semi-formal, masquerade party we’ve ever been to, so we had reasons to get a little fancy. The night was highly entertaining – especially when Adam participated with some guys in a lip sync competition. Twerking may or may not have been involved. Yikes!

12 // New friends! Yes, we are already meeting plenty of new people in Minot, and establishing some new relationships, including some wife friends for me! We’ve also found a church that as of right now feels like a really good fit. Making new friends has made the world of a difference in getting settled here – that and maintaining some relationships that came with us from California. It makes Minot more enjoyable and exciting. It makes Minot feel a bit more like home. & it means that we are going to have plenty of opportunity to work on our bowling skills as we go every week.

So that brings us to mid-December. Meaning with Christmastime upon us, the quickly passing time may not slow down. We’re most looking forward to our trip home for the days after Christmas. But this place is not forgotten. There are still big plans ahead for The Pruim Life. & I can’t wait for them to unfold for you all!

Happy Mid-December friends!

4 thoughts on “catching up // vol. 3

  1. oh my goodness – you’ve already had snow?! i am so jealous…it NEVER snows here!!
    Boone is adorable 🙂
    Yay for a new home (and delicious looking hot chocolate!)
    YAYYYYY for time spent with friends over the holidays (and shopping at mall of america – wow!)
    It sounds like you’ve been busy, but the good kind of busy that puts memories in the bank!


    • Thanks for checking out my blog! It certainly has been busy, but a memorable busy, that’s for sure!
      & yes, we have had quite a bit of snow already. & plenty of cold weather too. The northern Midwest is good for that 🙂


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