savoring the seasons

As a result of growing up in the Midwest, I’ve always been used to four distinct seasons of the year, each having their delights & each having their drawbacks. While I’ve always been a summer-girl, I’ve still always embraced the coming each season for their unique characteristics & all the feels that come along with them.

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Spring, a season of growth; of renewal; of refreshment. The time of year that the fresh rain brings bright colors into the world again. The air gets a bit warmer, the sun shines a bit brighter, and the days are spent outside more often.

Summer, a season of warmth; of excitement; of adventure. Growing up it’s the time of year when school is put on hold & the swimming pools occupy people’s time. The days are longer, the nights are chill, & the skin gets tanner.

Fall, a season of transition; of coziness; of change. The time of year that the trees turn magnificent colors, and caramel apple cider is constantly on my mind. The smells are incredible, the clothes include layers, and the fallen leaves beg to be played with.

Winter; a season of hibernation; of holidays; of togetherness. The time of year that bundling up & cuddling inside is how every night should end. The snow is quiet (yet can still cause chaos), and the quality time begs for creativity as time is spent inside.

Every bit of the year brings about memories for me & excitement to recreate them to be even better. To play in the rain in the spring, visit the lake in the summer, jump in the leaves in the fall, and go snowboarding in the winter. There are new adventures to be had with each season. There are highs, and still there are lows. Spring gets muddy & murky with all the rain. The summer heat can sometimes get unbearable (especially with that humidity). The fall means that the summer is gone & the cold is coming . The winter means the cold has arrived (enough said), & along with it comes icy roads & people that don’t know how to navigate them.

Like I said before, summer has always had a special place in my heart. It’s always been my favorite. I used to believe that if it was summer year round the world would be a better place…or at least I’d be a lot happier. I always thought that the people who moved away to warm places & later said they missed the seasons were fools. How could they possibly miss the seasons when they live in perfect weather year round?

But the jokes on me. Because here I am, after five months of living on the central coast of California where it’s sunny & in the 70s just about every day, and I miss the seasons. It’s October. It should be getting cooler. I should be layering up my clothes. I should be drinking caramel apple cider & plenty of hot chocolate. & yet here I am: wearing shorts during the day, with the same old weather I’ve been experiencing every. stinkin’. day. since coming here. Seriously, I feel as if I should be biting my tongue or shaking my head in shame, but I miss the variety. I miss the sporadic rain storms. I miss the occasional not-so-great weather that doesn’t make me feel like I’m wasting my day by staying up inside. I’ve always had the seasons to mix it up for me (& the Midwest to throw me a curveball in the midst of the seasons too. Snow in April? It happens. 50 degrees in the summer, been there too). Even if there are particular characteristics of each season that I can get sick of real quick (Namely the cold, because ain’t nobody got time for that), I have still quietly liked the newness that each season brings. But I’m here. Missing the changes in the leaves & the changes in my heart. I feel ashamed of myself. But I also am learning just how much I appreciate what I am missing. I’m learning that sometimes our fantasies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. I’m learning that a life of the same thing all the time can get a little dull, regardless of how good it is. & I’m learning that if I were in Hawaii or the Caribbean this might be a completely different story 😉

With all this said, although I am dreading the long, cold, bitter winter that awaits us in North Dakota, I am looking forward to the change. I’m looking forward to returning to the Midwest that raised me. I’m looking forward to utilizing the fall/winter wardrobe I spent the last year building. & I’m looking forward to making the most of this next season of our lives, despite how the weather looks or feels outside.

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