catching up // vol. 2

Time is going by ridiculously fast. I’ve said it more times than I can count lately. I can’t believe it’s already mid-September. I can’t believe we have been living in California for 4 months. More than that, I can’t believe we leave in a month! I can’t believe that Boone is almost 4 months old & is getting taller before my very eyes. & I can’t believe how quickly time escapes me each day. With that being said, I haven’t had the chance to post because this past week is another one that flashed before my eyes. So here’s another update on some recent on-goings in the real Pruim life.

We have had the wonderful, magnificent, tremendous pleasure of having family come visit us back to back this past month. Adam’s parents came first over labor day weekend. Their visit was full of the highlights that the lower central coast of Cali has to offer (or at least the ones that we’ve found so far). Naturally, this included an immediate stop at In-N-Out, a tour through Pismo Beach (which of course had to include getting uncomfortably close to a pelican on the pier for the sake of a picture), a walk through the Danish town of Solvang (complete with some coconut pineapple ice cream for me), dinner at a BBQ place in San Luis Obispo, & a new-to-us experience of whale watching in Morro Bay, followed by some exploring of the town’s local shops, including a place with at least 50 different flavors of salt water taffy, and a beef jerky store (no I didn’t know they existed either) where we all tried different kinds of root beer – yes root beer, not beef jerky.

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The whale watching experience was certainly the highlight of their visit. We saw whales immediately after leaving the bay & proceeded to follow them around for the next two hours, while they surfaced, spouted water, & dove down to show their tails. A frequent whale watcher on our ride said it was the best whale watching experience of his life, so we take that as confirmation that it was extremely awesome. Whales are awesome & all, but the BEST part for me was the mass amounts of dolphins that we passed through & that swam alongside our boat. Guys, I’m talking dolphins on dolphins on dolphins! A hundred at least. I was half tempted to just jump in the water & go swimming with them (obviously the better half of my senses persuaded me otherwise).


The captain of our ride didn’t let us end our experience without almost being killed by a whale that jumped onto the boat…just kidding, it was a plastic whale. [No real whales or people were harmed in the making of this photo-op].


While the Pruims were in town, we happened to stumble upon the Lompoc farmers market & discovered that the reason that the town is considered the “City of Art & Flowers” is because there are 40+ murals painted all over town. On the weekend between our parents’ visits Adam & I made a date out of walking through town trying to find as many of them as possible. They were literally everywhere.



This past weekend we were graced with the presence of my parents. Their visit included similar, but still different experiences. I took them to Solvang, where we found a giant clog to put Boone inside of (because what else do you do with a giant shoe & a puppy), and I also got myself a panama hat that I am absolutely smitten with. No joke, I wore it all weekend.


We also took them to Pismo & brought Boone out onto the beach. The boy is still a digger at heart & loves the sand, but he is certainly not a fan of the ocean. While walking along the shore he even jumped into someone’s giant sand-fort in order to avoid the tide just barely touching his paw. He’s a baby about it, but it’s quite entertaining.



The rest of their visit involved some intense putt-putt golfing, plenty of poolside time at their hotel, games of Skip-bo, and a quick stop to Stearn’s Wharf in Santa Barbara before I saw them off at the airport yesterday afternoon.

Having family come to town was just what the doctor ordered for our home-sick selves. Spending time with family & catching up on life has filled up our love tanks. It’s also helped to break up the time we have left being so far away. Plus, it’s helped bring us another week closer to the soon-to-be-quickest-Pruim-family-trip-of-our-lives when we come home for approximately 43 hours for one of our best friend’s wedding at the beginning of October.

Outside of our weekend adventures, life is continuing on as it has been for the past months. My weekdays are still full of the daily grind, random errands, & quality time with Boone. Speaking of him, he is growing by the second (& he certainly LOVED getting some extra adoration from his grandparents these past weeks). Our transition to Minot is quickly approaching – faster than we even realize. I’m trying to start mentally preparing for another cross country move before I start physically preparing for it. I’m certainly praying for a strengthened ability (& extra peace & trust in the Lord) to handle the stress & the transition. We’re hoping to make the most of the last month we have in the Golden State, because just like the last four months here, we know that it’s going to pass in the blink of an eye.

Does anyone have any recommendations for things to add to our California countdown list?

2 thoughts on “catching up // vol. 2

  1. Kelly,
    La Jolla is a really nice place to visit and if you go up near Point Loma University, you can hike from the cliffs to the beach. I think its nickname is sunset beach. It is absolutely gorgeous and you can swim next to seals in La Jolla.


    • Jan, that sounds incredible! We’re a little ways away from the San Diego area, which makes me sad, because I really want to visit around there. I don’t know if we’re going to have time to go down that way this time around, but I will definitely keep La Jolla in mind for when we [hopefully] come back someday!


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