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Before I really get things moving with this blog, I thought it would be kind to update some (actually pretty much all) of our family & friends on our recent endeavors since we are living on the other side of the country. We get a lot of questions about what we’re doing out here, what Adam’s job is like, and what in the world I spend my days at home doing, so hopefully this gives you a little snapshot into our life right now.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset  Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

For those of you who haven’t had one of us explain it to you yet, or you just need a refresher, we are currently living in the lower part of the Central coast of California for Adam’s job training as a missile operator. So no, he is not flying planes even though he’s in the Air Force. But he has reached the point in his training where he now gets to wear a flight suit instead of the standard ABUs (& he is a STUD in it). Boone tried on the flight suit too, but it was a little big on him. Plans are in the works to find a Boone-sized one in the future. But training has been going well for Adam. He spends some days in a classroom setting, and other days he has trainer rides, which is like the lab part of the class where he puts the things he’s learned into practice. He is in the confidential part of his training right now so he is not even allowed to bring the class material home to study for his tests. He is enjoying the training for the most part & has caught on to the material very easily. He will graduate from training in October & we will leave for Minot, ND, along with the other 11 people in his class that we’ve gotten to know, shortly after that where we will spend the next three years dreaming of the warm California weather that we have right now, but still thoroughly enjoying the adventures that we’ll get to have there.

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My stay at home wife status has brought up a lot of people asking me what I spend my time doing. Before we left I had a lot of people comment that I would get bored not working. I can confidently report to you all that I haven’t gotten bored once yet.  I’m the kind of person that can easily preoccupy myself, especially with activities that still leave me feeling productive. I’ve decorated & organized our apartment with my own DIY projects (including the picture threads for our living room & the banner for our bedroom pictured above that are our newest, and probably my most favorite, additions to our home). I’ve developed a morning routine of reading my Bible while I eat breakfast, and then doing a quick run through of the apartment to keep it’s tidiness maintained (so yes, our bed is made every single day – mind you for like the first time in probably either of our lives). I’ve been reading a bunch of blogs through (thanks to my friend Vanessa for the recommendation, who also happened to be the first follower of this blog!) & I’ve been preparing for The Pruim Life. I’ve been staying in contact with friends and family through phone calls, Facetime (man’s gift to the long distance relationships of the world), and even letters. I’ve been making attempts to work out more and to spend time outside. (I’m kind of failing at my goal of being the tannest I’ve ever been though so I need to step it up in the last couple months we have here & utilize that pool in our backyard). I recently started re-reading the Harry Potter series, because, well, why not. & a big chunk of my time has been devoted to raising our little bear of a puppy. So, no, I’m not bored, & I don’t see myself getting bored anytime soon. This has been an incredibly wonderful time of self-care for me, and I’m loving the ways that God has been revealing new truths to my heart, and putting them into effect in my life.

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Our Boonie boy has been growing like crazy. He’s so tall already. I feel like such a mom saying this, but I just want to keep him little. He keeps life so interesting for us though. Australian Shepherds are SUCH smart dogs so he’s picked up on a lot of training already. The only downsides to him is that those little teeth of his hurt a whole lot when he gets too riled up, & he sometimes likes to eat every possible stick, wood chip, or bush he sees when he goes outside regardless of how many times you tell him no, but that adorable face makes up for it all in seconds. He’s a goof though. We laugh constantly at the silly noises he makes, the way he rolls around on the floor (like he’s doing in the picture above with Adam), and how he will keep 2-3 toys within arms distance while he is playing just so he can switch around which one he is chewing on. He recently grabbed the courage to start going down the stairs so I don’t have to carry him down every time he has to go to the bathroom. It’s the little things.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Over the weekends when Adam isn’t working we take advantage of opportunities to explore new places. Recently we took Boone to the beach for the first time & discovered that the little boy LOVES to dig. We brought him to Avila Beach since we hadn’t been there yet & then we walked the main street along the coast while their weekly farmer’s market went on. I saw these boldly colored buildings on our walk & was convinced that I need to come back to visit again sometime soon.

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A huge perk to California living is that we have the opportunity to see a lot of one of God’s greatest creations: sunsets over the ocean &&& the mountains (double whammy!). It doesn’t get much better than that. Also, our latest family picture just makes my heart so happy, so if I’m being honest here, I really just posted it so I can stare at it a little bit more.

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At the beginning of the month, we celebrated six years of being together. I had no clue that back in 2008 just before my senior year of high school that I’d start dating my future husband, but boy am I glad I did. Every year we spend together I get more & more amazed at where God has brought us through the years. To celebrate we grabbed Panda Express for dinner (classy, I know, but it used to be one of our “things”) and some Baskin Robbins for dessert, because, well, ice cream…duh.

IMG_5907Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

& speaking of celebrations, I’m 23 now! As of this past week, I’m another year old, & another year wiser. Let me tell ya, it has been one crazy year. This time last year I was starting my foster care job in Southern Illinois & moving from a trailer to an apartment while Adam finished up his undergrad degree. Now we’re in California, Adam’s in training for his active duty career, I stay productive at home (which is our third home in the 15 months we’ve been married), & we have a puppy. A lot has changed, but it’s the road God has us traveling on, so we make the most of it.

We celebrated my birthday throughout the weekend since Adam had to work on the day of. On Saturday we took Boone down to Santa Barbara to explore Stearns Wharf & Adam graciously waited with the pup outside of some stores that I’ve been wanting to check out on State Street. Going anywhere with Boone is like being with a celebrity because SO many people stare, compliment, or want to pet him. That’s why I mean it when I say he is the cutest puppy EVER. On Sunday we went surfing with a couple friends, & alas we have no photo memories of this because we were busy participating in the coolest water activity ever created. No, neither of us are pros yet, but even getting beat up by the waves makes for a really thrilling and enjoyable time. I also got my favorite salted caramel pretzel milkshake from Hoagie’s, because salted caramel anything is my thing right now. On my actual birthday Adam didn’t have to go into work until the afternoon so we officially celebrated by going out for breakfast at a local restaurant. Then I spent the rest of the day doing laundry & grocery shopping (all sorts of celebratory goodness) – but it was a great birthday weekend spent with my family nonetheless.

In other news, we are ecstatically looking forward to Adam’s parents coming to town next weekend to visit, & my parents coming shortly after that. California has been so good to us, & we really enjoy it here, but we just miss our people. Homesickness is much more prone to occur when home is so far out of reach. So those of you who are back in our homeland, or at least from our homeland, this post is for you. Because we dearly miss sharing life with you all.

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    • Cool! Adam’s parents will be here labor day weekend, so I don’t know if we’ll be able to meet up then, but let me know If we can’t work something out then, we have no problem coming down to Santa Barbara for more visits!


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